Top Beach Destinations in Florida

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State, can boast of some of the most attractive beaches on the planet. There are so many wonderful beaches in Florida that there is a beach for almost everybody, whether one is looking for a party, a tranquil place or one for the entire family to enjoy.

Delray Beach, Naples, Sanibel Beach, Siesta Beach, Clearwater Beach, Palm Beach, Atlantic Beach, Key West, and Captiva Island happen to be the top 9 best beaches in Florida. In this article, we will not go in depth regarding every beach destination and will mainly emphasize on 4 amazing beaches out here.

The first beach destination that we will talk about will be the South Beach. Long stretches of artificial beach extending along the Atlantic Ocean is ideal for an early morning jog and is appropriate for various beach sports as well as sunbathing later during the day.  A good friend of mine who is the best immigration attorney Norcross likes to visit once a year here. The scene changes completely at night and the real fun starts. The lights as well as the non-stop fabulous nightlife scene will spring into action during that time. Take a stroll along the Ocean Drive and you will easily understand that the party has just begun. Do not miss the scrumptious Cuban cuisine or the delicious fresh seafood which is offered at the local eateries.

One more amazing Florida beach to check out is the Palm Beach. This beach also referred to as Gold Coast because of its miles of tranquil and golden beaches, is a place which makes a tourist feel happy and is enjoyable for everybody. Apart from the gorgeous beach, Palm Beach is wrapped in extravagance and wealth with its exquisite dining, luxury shopping, wonderful museums and some of the finest hotels in Florida. Worth Avenue is flanked with well-known boutiques such as Cartier, Gucci, and Chanel only to name a few. Furthermore, the water park, the zoo, and the lion safari will definitely offer lots of adventure and fun for those with families. Therefore, make sure to visit this beach next time when you come to Florida and see everything for yourself.

The third beach which we will highlight here will be the Clearwater Beach which is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty. In fact, the beaches of Clearwater city are regarded as the most impressive beaches of the whole area. You’ll find all types of facilities within walking distance and accommodations of all types ranging from cheapest to most expensive ones are available here. The beach waterfront area in Tampa Bay provides wonderful opportunities of sightseeing, sailing, fishing, marine life adventure, parasailing, dining and dancing and much more. Enjoying Dolphin’s play is also another very thrilling pastime.

If one of your preferred beach activities happens to be seashell hunting, then you must visit the Captiva Island. Turner Beach on this island isn’t great for swimming; however, you’ll be able to find large attractive intact shells along the shoreline. Make sure to leave these live shells right here, or else you might be penalized by the Florida State authorities. Do not forget to capture the stunning sunset after an exciting day of shell hunting on the Captiva Beach.

Next time when you plan a journey to Florida, get hold of your bikini and make sure to visit at least one of these amazing beaches. You will be guaranteed of having a wonderful time!

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